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Updated: Aug 27, 2019

This blog is all about what I think streetwear, music, art, and the world should look, sound, and feel like.

Vol. 1


This is a list of my "Top 4" influences in each major category of interest in my life at the moment- it will be updated based on changes and different forces of influence that come in and out of my life.

Updated on: August 27th, 2019.

Top 4 Artist:

1. Jean-Michel Basquiat

2. Ian Woods

3. Kodone

4. Keith Haring

Top 4 Designer Brands:

1.Christian Dior

2. Chanel

3. Hermēs

4. Celiné

Top 4 Musicians + Song:

1. Playboi Carti- Long Time (Intro)

2. Young Thug- Bad Bad Bad ft. Lil Baby

3. Lancey Foux- Dream 4. BigBabyGucci- Ignorance Is Bliss

Top 4 Producers + Song:

1. Pierre Bourne- Switching Lanes ft. Playboi Carti

2. Monte Booker- Amphetamine ft. Smino

3. Wheezy-Same Young N***a ft. Playboi Carti

4. Metro Boomin- 100 Racks ft. Playboi Carti

Top 4 Streetwear Brands:

1. (No-Name)

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